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Women Helping Women - Moyo-Anza Gems

Moyo Gems represents a collaboration of hearts and minds whose mission is to change the status quo for women artisanal miners in Tanga, Tanzania.

What If We Could Support Some of the World’s Most Marginalized People?

Women make up 40-50% of the artisanal gem-mining workforce in East Africa. Yet they fall far behind their male counterparts when it comes to access to markets, access to education about gemology, basic business skills, and the price received for their gemstones.

Sustainable. Responsible. Empowering.

With Moyo Gems, 10% of every sale goes back to the women miners and their communities. The women themselves are empowered to use these funds where they best see fit.

The impact of Moyo Gems is far reaching, including providing support for schools and orphanages, offering free education and vocational training for women miners, aiding with equipment and tools, and always paying fair-trade prices.

By empowering women miners, Moyo Gems is helping East Africans participate fully in the global gemstone trade.

Women Helping Women

This “Women Helping Women” platform is why I purchase gemstones from Moyo-Anza Gems. When you choose to buy a designer necklace, you are helping these women miners improve their lives and those of their communities.

For my first designer necklace supporting Moyo Gems, I chose this sparkling rhodolite garnet. The brilliance of this stone is gorgeous and the “free-form” shape of the gemstone is very interesting as well. It made it fun to design a unique custom necklace which is definitely one of a kind! Rhodolite garnets appear as transparent red-pink-purplish gemstones and are considered the finest of the red garnet species. The color of Rhodolites combined with their brilliance, durability and the accessibility of this gemstone have brought demand for them in the jewelry industry.

If you want to learn more about Moyo-Anza Gems and the impact they are making, please visit their website at


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