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Oregon Sunstones the All-American, All-Natural Gemstone

Why Karin Jamieson Jewelry Loves this Gemstone

According to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), sunstone is a member of the feldspar group of minerals. It very often has what we call AVENTURESCENCE which is a sparkly, metallic-looking luster caused by flat, reflective inclusions. Its color can be red, yellow, colorless, green, red-brown and orange.

Formed and crystallized in ancient volcanic flows, Oregon sunstone is unique among gem feldspars due to the ”Schiller Phenomenon” caused by millions of microscopic copper platelets found in each stone. The Schiller makes the stone appear to glow with its own internal light source.

Several reasons Karin Jamieson Jewelry loves this gemstone are:

Oregon Sunstone's glitter factor.

Reflective inclusions in sunstone’s phenomenal varieties cause a distinct and lively glitter called aventurescence.

Oregon Sunstone is a natural gemstone

Oregon sunstone’s colors don’t result from treatment. The gem’s all natural and it’s mined in the United States.

Its unique "Spinel red" color

Red-colored Oregon sunstone is often marketed to consumers as “spinel red.” Its vivid hue rivals spinel and even ruby. Tiny copper platelets can cause this prized red color in Oregon sunstone.

Designing with

Oregon Sunstones

As a jewelry designer and an owner of an online jewelry business, I've created a Sunstone Collection that is one of my favorites! This collection consists of designer rings, earrings, bangles and our newest sterling silver cuff design. The myriad of colors and shapes of Oregon Sunstones make it a joy to create and design with.

One of my longtime vendors and my only source for purchasing Oregon sunstones is the Ponderosa mine located in the high desert of eastern Oregon. I have worked with the owner John Woodmark, President & CEO of Desert Sun Mining and Gems, for close to 15 years.

The Desert Sun Mining & Gems Corporation is the world's largest supplier of all natural Oregon sunstones, producing approximately 3 million carats each year from its operations at the Ponderosa Mine.

The sunstones produced by DSMG are found in a wide array of colors from amber golds and peachy orange gems to rare pink and sherry reds. It is also offered in brilliant blue/greens, clear champagne, and vivid tricolors. DSMG is the world's only source of Ponderosa Red Sunstones, which have become the company's signature stone.

Oregon sunstone is an all-American, all-natural gemstone. An important disclaimer when working with any gemstone is that Desert Sun Mining & Gems does not enhance its gemstones in any way with chemicals, irrigation, heat or oiling. Oregon Sunstones are created by nature — pure, radiant, and simply beautiful.

Make sure to browse the gorgeous Oregon Sunstone pieces from Karin Jamieson Jewelry today!


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