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The World of
Karin Jamieson

Karin Jamieson’s jewelry embodies the values behind its creation. From their exquisite stones to superior craftsmanship, each piece in the Karin Jamieson collection is an expression of the designer’s singular point-of-view.


Infusing a love of travel with her belief in local collaboration, Karin Jamieson’s designs invoke the alluring mystique and intimacy of place. The elegance of contemporary design is blended seamlessly with the stunning power of natural gemstones to conjure a world of passion, sophistication and elemental grace.


The collection is streamlined and sculptural with monochromatic motifs, allowing the wearer to navigate effortlessly between formal and dressed down settings.


With the romance of Karin Jameson’s designs firmly grounded in the providence of her gemstones, the Karin Jamieson collection exemplifies the designer’s fascination with the universality of beauty and its transcendent ability to endure.

“I work with a three-generations old local jewelry manufacturer. I love that my jewelry is made in the city I live in. It’s important to preserve this kind of craftsmanship. It’s a dying art.”

Karin Jamieson


Each gemstone is individually selected by Karin Jamieson, ensuring their unique quality. She only works with gem dealers whose high ethical standards support sustainable mining techniques that care for the land and communities in which they are located.


See Karin’s commitment to sustainable gem-mining with her support of Moyo-Anza Gems.


Karin Jamieson Jewelry is produced on a made-to-order basis. She works closely with a family owned, Cincinnati based workshop that crafts Karin’s designs by hand. Each piece is then inspected by Karin before being delivered to the client.


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