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Styling Our Nappa Leather Bracelets

What exactly is Nappa Leather?

Many luxury goods are made of high-quality leather. There are several types of such leather, and Nappa leather is one of them. This leather is unique from other leather types because it is soft to feel, hardly wears out, and is excellent quality.

What is Nappa leather, you may ask? What makes it different that people prefer goods made with it? For instance, people look out for Nappa leather car seats in high-end car models.

Nappa or Napa leather is more like a term that describes strong, soft, and smooth leather. Nappa leather is mostly full-grain leather that contains the hide’s outer layer called grain. The full-grain leather is not buffed or sanded to clear imperfections; rather, it’s just hairs that have been removed from them. The grain that the Nappa leather contains has fine fibers that make its surface durable, strong, and able to hold up rough use. In addition, Napa leather can be dyed in assorted colors, which makes it great for making various leather goods like handbags, wallets, shoes, and our Olive Nappa Leather Bracelet with 18k Yellow Gold-Plated Clasp.

Where does Nappa leather come from? Emmanuel Manasse, who worked in a tanning company in Napa, California, first made the Nappa leather in 1875, and the leather got its name from there. This leather is produced from the skin of a sheep, kid, or lamb without splitting.

What are some ways you can style our Nappa Leather Bracelet?

Keeping it Casual

Grab your favorite jeans and a white menswear blouse for a casual look with our Nappa leather bracelets. My favs are 100% Organic Cotton Big Shirt | Gap and Good American’s GOOD LEGS JEANS. Choose the olive-green color to pop against a white blouse. Looking for another jewelry accessory? Peek at our Bare Essentials options.

Add these earrings 14k Yellow Gold Wave Dangle Earrings or layer this necklace 14k Yellow Gold Fancy Link Necklace with one of your own.

GNO (Girl's Night Out

For a fun summer night out with your besties, pair your most comfy sundress like this Women's Sleeveless Eyelet Sun Dress - A New Day™ from Target or a Flutter Sleeve Smocked Floral Midi Dress from Vineyard Vines with our Bone Nappa Leather Bracelet. For additional accessories, one of my favorite summertime gemstones is Aquaprase. Adding this 14k Rose Gold Pear Shape Aquaprase Ring or 14k Rose Gold Pear Shaped Aquaprase Dangle Earrings will certainly make that summer glow pop!

#Fridaynightdatenight - This is what my husband and I call our weekly Friday night dinners out!

It doesn't always have to involve a LBD, but just to show our Nappa leather bracelets can be elevated to wear with anything! Pick one from the metallic collection of rose gold, bronze, or chocolate. I love to stack these for more drama (especially bronze and chocolate), but any combination looks fab! For that special night out add a piece from our Csarite Collection like our 14k Rose Gold Pear Cut CSARITE® Dangle Earrings with Champagne Diamond Accents + 14k Rose Gold Hammered Pear Shape CSARITE® Ring

As you can see, styling our Nappa Leather Bracelet has limitless options. Wear it alone or personalize it with your choice of gemstone charms. Did we mention it's interchangeable as a necklace or bracelet? We love all these amazing options!


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