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Designing with Csarite®

As a Graduate Gemologist, jewelry designer and owner of Karin Jamieson Jewelry it's very difficult for me to name a gemstone I don't like. There are a few of course, that will remain unmentioned, but most of them I love and for different reasons.

Let's chat today about Color Change Diaspore...hmm, not a very sexy name, right???

That is what we call a gem’s field name or species. However, with some brilliant marketing, Color Change Diaspore has been trademarked and is sold under the very regal name of CSARITE®.

This is a gem I adore and am always excited to create jewelry designs around. Karin Jamieson Jewelry has created a number of beautiful Csarite® pieces. Here are some of the reasons that make Csarite® so exceptional.

It's Source:

Csarite® is found in one location, in one mine, in the entire world! I feel like I need to repeat that!!! Do you know how RARE that is? It is found in only one place in the world in a single mine in the Turkish mountains of the ancient region of Anatolia. To have one source only is highly unusual. That is why we can say that Csarite® is 10,000 times rarer than a diamond.

Csarite’s® Natural Color:

Some gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, tanzanite, amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, and tourmaline are commonly heat treated to obtain the desired color and saturation. Csarite's® color is all natural. There is no heat treatment involved. What this means, in a very unique way, is that Csarite® rough comes out of the ground the same color as the finished gem. Amazing!

Its Color Change Ability:

There are only a handful of color change gemstones. These include Alexandrite, Color Change Garnet, Color Change Sapphire, Color Change Flourite and Csarite®. Except for Csarite®, the aforementioned color change gems change between two colors. Csarite®exhibits a number of different colors. As a jewelry designer, personally, I have never been that enamored with color change gems. BUT Csarite® is an entirely different story. The reason is the myriad of gorgeous spectrums of color and tones it exhibits from earthy pistachio and olive greens to golden champagne yellows, deep sunset gingers and soft pinks and reds. So, as you can see it transverses from a number of shades in natural light, fluorescent light, and incandescent light. That’s what makes it such an exciting gemstone to use in designs at Karin Jamieson Jewelry.

Designing With Csarite®:

Because Csarite® is so rare and yet so versatile with its color-changing properties you can understand how splendid it is to create jewelry designs with this very unique gemstone. When designing with Csarite® for Karin Jamieson Jewelry, I generally gravitate to 14K Rose Gold as the chosen metal. There is something very warm and inviting that the rose gold lends to this spectacular gemstone, Csarite®.

Karin Jamieson Jewelry Csarite® Design Gallery:

14K Rose Gold “Y” Necklace featuring Princess & Kite Cut Csarite® and Diamonds

14K Rose Gold Antique Cushion Cut Csarite® Ring with Diamond Accents

14K Rose Gold Antique Cushion Cut Csarite Ring
14K Rose Gold Antique Cushion Cut Csarite Ring

14K Rose Gold Antique Cushion Cut Csarite® Earrings & Chocolate Diamond Stud Earrings


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